Enduring Elm

From the moon’s chilled embrace

To the sun’s warm kiss upon my face

I sit restless beneath these leaves

Sprawling branches shield as eaves

Guarding against light

Yet yielding to wind’s blight

My elm she stands tall

In winter and in fall


Boring Bloodshed

Headlines flashed across the screen

Reds and blues light up the streets

The anchor’s coat a blithe green

She ran through the story with no retreats


Down the corner

Just past Grand

Assembled many a mourner

For a murder quite bland

Along The Way

We used to write songs together

You and I

Huddled beneath a field of stars


Your voice would fill those nights

The delicate summer winds

Carrying the melody through the air


But we never did get the feelings worked out

It was never the right time

Or it was the perfect time


Even if it didn’t make sense

We made it work for awhile

But then my letter came


And then your audition came

Soon I was off to Uni

And soon you were on tour


Somehow it ended like this

Along the way, we lost ourselves

Along the way, we lost Us

Dual Destiny

long days did he toil

to forge steel that would not foil

for the seers had foretold

the coming of the prophecies of old

that the seas possessed would boil

and the flaming heavens would embroil

the mortal lands of Earth

in the final battle of rebirth

shall the Malevolent retake her throne

or will the Righteous hold the crown alone

with Destiny’s honeyed words he held no accord

his calling was the savagery of the sword

two Queens beckon him to their ranks

a temporal champion that on the banks

of the River Time will lead her horde

in struggle for the right to lord

over all within Sullis’ gaze

in his hands he holds the world’s fate in a haze

at whose feet shall he lay his blade

and whose trust shall be betrayed

when the final trumpet blare

filled with anguish splits the air

a hero will be born

or souls will cower beneath fresh scorn

Missed Mentor

in my darkest times, you were my light

and led me back to the right path

because I would always seem to lose my way

even though you told me a thousand times

and showed me a thousand more

that you would always be there

i look at your gravestone now

and wonder to myself

how will you keep that vow


a golden dragonfly flitted crossed my yard

on argent wings as melodic as a bard

he came to rest among the sunset honeysuckle

and in that moment my lips parted in a chuckle

to see such a delicate sprite

that can dance and shimmer in midday’s light

arrest its wings and ground its soul

here together atop this emerald knoll

overlooking cerulean streams

and a verdant orchard that teems

with cardinal fruits ripe for plunder

this afternoon has me filled with wonder

i have seen nature’s beauty unmarred

ever since that dragonfly flitted crossed my yard

Troubled Times

i wandered beneath an elm

and gazed into the sable sky

wondering aloud who was at the helm

of a world as strange as this

where fathers cry

and mothers dehisce

because those that took control

were never meant for the role