Showdown-Daily Prompt

     Raven black hair pooled in thick coils about a moonlight pale face. Her exposed arms revealed rigid cords of muscle and a latticework of scars. They betrayed a past she had shed and let fall from her like so many sakura blossoms in the shadow of Spring. Draped in a nightingale robe pulled closed at the waist with black cloth, she made ready for what was to come.

     “ What I do, I do for you.” She took the intricately carved pendant that adorned her neck in a gloved hand and brought it to her lips, “Righteous lives do not go unavenged.”

     Heavy oak doors branded with a field of copper tigers groaned open before her. Two men of immense stature and breadth marched into the room armoured in the painted steel of the Palace Guard. They each carried a dragon-tooth blade across their back.  

     A walking execution

     The thought cut through her mind but she shoved it back down into the pit of doubt that tore at her heart.

     They aren’t who you came here for and they won’t stand in your way.

     The gilded behemoths stopped their approach and became still as a windless night just feet from where she stood. Through the tiger doors came the echo of sandled footfalls.

     She steeled herself and steadied her breath.

     At her hip hung her metal courage. She gripped the sword’s midnight hilt and turned intense eyes toward the doorway.

     Ringed in lantern light the silhouette of her opponent emerged from the recesses of the Imperial Court. Stepping into the room, she could see his person in full. A delicate face with deep set, amber eyes that burned with the same ferocity as the dragon that curled around his robes looked on her with weary disdain. Iris purple and sunrise gold, the colors of the Tatsuasaki family, breathed life into his silken garments.

     The Crown Prince of Mimashitochi.

     And the man that butchered her family.

     The dire sentinel to the prince’s left pulled at the scabbard on his hip. He drew forth a blade as dark as a raven’s wing and presented it to his master. The prince stepped forward, sword in hand, and slashed at the air in practiced motions. The midnight edge carved the air in a flurry of movement that would have been elegant had they come from any other hand.

     “They begged, you know? For me to spare their wretched lives.” The prince lowered his sword and faced the girl that watched him in silence.“ They say cowardice is a symptom of spoiled blood. Perhaps now I will be able to rest easy knowing the blight of the Sonikari line will die with you.” He leveled the sword’s point at her chest and spoke his final words, “Shall we end this?”

Daily Prompt: Symptom


The Letter- Daily Prompt

When I finally tried to read what you wrote, I don’t know, it just didn’t register as real for me. I sat there staring at the words but there was no meaning behind them.

Just scratches on a page.

We’ve kept your room for you. We know that it doesn’t matter now, but it didn’t feel right to go and throw it all out, you know? Why couldn’t you just talk to me? Or Dad? You were always out with your friends, why didn’t one of them try? You didn’t have to fight this alone.

When they called it had already been three days. You were pinned against some rocks about twelve miles out of town. They said you must have done it at Jameson Bluff. I tuned out after that.

I think I’m going to go read your letter now. Maybe I need the closure. Acceptance sounds good right now.

Daily Prompt:Acceptance

Time To Conquer-Daily Prompt

He stood at the edge and watched the alabaster rapids surge in anger below.


His lungs filled with pine suffused air. The sun sat heavy on the horizon to the west. Long ribbons of plum and vermilion laced the sky, bathing the terrain in their lavish shades. The rustle of the trees and the roaring of the river were the only sounds that penetrated his ears. The inhabitants of the forest that would normally scutter underfoot or soar overhead, were deafeningly quiet. He scoured his pockets to make sure he didn’t forget to leave the note; he didn’t.


It was time to conquer this. It was time to fall.


Daily Prompt:Conquer