long days did he toil

to forge steel that would not foil

for the seers had foretold

the coming of the prophecies of old

that the seas possessed would boil

and the flaming heavens would embroil

the mortal lands of Earth

in the final battle of rebirth

shall the Malevolent retake her throne

or will the Righteous hold the crown alone

with Destiny’s honeyed words he held no accord

his calling was the savagery of the sword

two Queens beckon him to their ranks

a temporal champion that on the banks

of the River Time will lead her horde

in struggle for the right to lord

over all within Sullis’ gaze

in his hands he holds the world’s fate in a haze

at whose feet shall he lay his blade

and whose trust shall be betrayed

when the final trumpet blare

filled with anguish splits the air

a hero will be born

or souls will cower beneath fresh scorn


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