A Cluttered Room

A human form thrashes beneath tangled blankets; a thin blade of light cuts across the room. The form under the blankets settles until a piercing alarm spews a symphony of discordant sounds from the nightstand adjacent the bed. The blankets are thrown into the air; a hand shoots out and attempts to smash the alarm into submission.

BOY(exhaustion and disgust tinge each word): Lord, give me strength because I swear to all that is holy if that thing doesn’t shut the fu…

His obscenity is cut short when SIERRA pushes through the ajar door.

SIERRA: Man, I thought you didn’t believe in God?

The alarm’s deafening shrieks persist. SIERRA crosses the room and pulls its cord from the wall.

BOY(collapses face first onto his pillow; his voice now muffled): I don’t. But, Josh doesn’t know that.

SIERRA(a puzzled look washes over her face): Josh? Hold up, did you name the alarm clock?

BOY: It’s loud, annoying, and doesn’t know when to shut up. I thought Uncle Josh was the perfect namesake.

SIERRA(moving to the closet to the right of the bed): Piety and familial animosities aside, you need to get ready for school.

SIERRA slides open the closet and makes her way back to the BOY’s door.

SIERRA( over her shoulder as she leaves the room): Get dressed so you can get something in your stomach before we go.

The BOY stays face down on his bed for a moment, wrestling with the pros and cons of leaving the house that day.

BOY(rising from his bed and stalking over to the closet): Once more into the breach.( The BOY is shuffling through clothes when a thought occurs) Into? Or is it unto? Is it even breach? Great, so it’s gonna’ be one of those(he drags this word out) days. Can’t freaking wait.

The BOY decides on a pair of dark, faded jeans and a scarlet thermal. He leaves the room; not bothering to straighten out the mess he has made of the closet. The BOY casts one final look towards his disheveled room, heaves a sigh, and proceeds to the bathroom. The shower whines to life and the light fades.


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