July 7, 1776

     It is the most glorious of things that begs me to put pen to paper this day. Independence is the word flooding the streets of the colonies. July 4th of 1176 marked the unanimous declaration, by the thirteen colonies represented at the Continental Congress, of independence from the grasp of British tyranny. The self-evident truths of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that are written of in this Declaration gracefully materialise the sentiments and convictions of the American people. Listed for the world to see are the continued and varied usurpations and injuries inflicted upon these colonies by the despotic King George.The suspension of legislatures, the denial of trials by jury, revolutions of charters, and in our time of peace establishing a military presence meant to subjugate and eviscerate the free society on which we stand.

     With this Declaration we have, in one preeminent move, grabbed the reins and made ourselves masters of our own destiny. This, however, is only the beginning. The beginning of a battle that will be fought in both the mental and physical realms. If we are to prevail and drive out the British forces that pervade our home, then what comes next? The future of this nation rests in the hands of those bold enough to seize it. The framework must be laid, countless hours of debate and deliberation will be spent, and many lives will be lost before we can stand as a true Nation. So, I ask, who is ready to work towards that brighter tomorrow?


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