Hospital Room

The room is obscured by shadows with only a single, faint light between two figures, the PARENTS, with their backs turned. An uneasy calm permeates the room; a silent battle is waged within the minds of the PARENTS. A meek knock strikes the door and the two figures open to reveal an infant at rest between them. A wisp of a man, the DOCTOR, steps into the morose room.

DOCTOR(with his chin to his chest): I understand you’ve been waiting for quite some time.

The DOCTOR grabs a chair from the corner and wheels it next to the family. He signals for them to sit in the seats opposite him.

PARENTS(in unison): Please, we just want to know what’s wrong.

Their voices trail off and they cast a sympathetic look towards the child.

DOCTOR: Of course, I completely understand where you’re coming from. New parents, you two must be terrified.

The DOCTOR clears his throat and looks over a clipboard. The PARENTS wait in anxious anticipation.

DOCTOR: It would seem you brought him in just in time. We’ve looked over the tests and if I’m being quite frank, things don’t look right.

The PARENTS shutter at the DOCTOR’s words and jump from their chairs to be closer to the child. The DOCTOR awaits a response, but when there is none, he continues.

DOCTOR(solemnity dripping from his voice): The respiratory failure that we observed was most assuredly caused by the VSD which we confirmed through echo.

The DOCTOR stands and approaches the PARENTS.

DOCTOR: It would also appear (he adjusts his glasses; a nervous impulse) that during your pregnancy (he checks the clipboard to confirm) at your seven-month ultrasound, the attending physician cited that a VSD was already present in the child. An oversight…

The DOCTOR is interrupted by the blaring of the heart monitor. A team of nurses rushes into the room and the PARENTS are ushered away. The light fades as the child is surrounded by medical staff.


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